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What is GitCup

"What do you mean this story is 8 points?"

GitCup is a tool that allows you to replace time estimates and story points with coffee cups. It integrates seamlessly with and it uses the commits and issues already in your repository to simplify and improve the estimation and planning process of future work.

Coffee cup sizes

Key benefits

Accurate Planning

Story points can be misleading. When planning a sprint, a 8 points story is assumed to be the equivalent of a 5 points story + a 3 points story, which is not necessary the case. Coffee cups don't allow that implicit conversion as their duration for planning purposes is auto-generated from data.

No Velocity Tracking

You don't need to track velocity anymore. GitCup adjusts the duration of your coffee cups with every new commit.

Works With Scrum

You can choose to use iterations with fixed length sprints or milestones with deadlines. Just select the top priority items that fit in your sprint/milestone duration.

Personalized Priorities

Each contributor can have their own priorities and estimates while they share the same repository and associated issues.

Git Driven

Seamless integration with means there is only one source of truth.

Zero Interference

All interactions with are read only. Your work items and estimations are stored locally so you are free to do as you wish without affecting your repository or the estimations from other contributors.

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Latest updates

"Freshly brewed"

GitCup is under constant development and new features and improvements are released regularly.

You can get those updates automatically if you enable automatic app updates by changing the:

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Alternatively you can check for the latest updates and download them manually from:

Store Updates.

From version 1.3.0 onwards GitCup is checkicg for updates at startup so you will always have the latest and greatest!

Version 1.3.0

(Released on 23-April-2019)


A lot of changes to make GitCup more business friently.

  • Self contained. No dependencies on any external service or need to login.
  • Use of local repositories to assign commits instead of GitHub.
  • Unified priorities from all projects.
  • Schedule for setting the working hours per week.
  • Automatic update check at startup.

Git, Cups & Co(ffee)

"Sometimes caffeine turns into code..."

The Team (of one)


My name is Dimitrios Melidonis and I am a London based software developer.

I create software with the sole intention to make someone's life a little bit more bearable or even, dare I say it, better. Often to the detriment of my own health and sanity.

But that's what I do.


London, UK Profile @dmelidonis

Legal stuff

Privacy Policy

Licence Terms

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In no event the author or copyright holder of this application (GitCup) should be liable for any damages, claims or other liabilities as a result of using it in any way. This limitation of liability does not affect your statutory consumer rights.

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